Noise Control

Sound Proofing and Acoustics Company Kuwait

Complete Solution for Noise Control, Sound Isolation, Echo Reduction, and Acoustics Treatment.

We are Sound Proofing and Acoustics Company managed by highly experienced and qualified professionals. we have the expertise to handle Noise Control, Noise reduction by sophisticated and specialized projects.

We provide complete solution for Soundproofing , Noise Control, Echo Reduction, and Acoustics solutions for Offices, Meeting Rooms, Studios, Theaters, Auditorium, Banquet halls, Class Rooms, Large Halls, Pubs, Restaurants, Multiplexes, Seminar Halls, Training Rooms, Sports Complexes, Indoor Swimming Pools, Hospitals, Airports, Lecture Halls, Schools, Colleges, Call Centers, Interior Designing, Home Theaters and industrial soundproofing for Compressors, Motors, Noise control of Machines, and Chiller plants.

We understand that it’s important to get things right when working on a project and work closely with architects, acoustic consultants and recording studio designers to develop high performance acoustic systems for the required environment. Each project is specifically engineered to meet the needs of the application at hand. While economical feasibility is kept in mind, specific features required by the clients are never compromised on. We look at all the factors namely acoustic and thermal requirements, vibration isolation, access and visibility needs, ventilation criteria, differential pressures, air contamination and moisture considerations.

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